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Lasik and Laser Eye Surgery & Vision Correction in the San Francisco, Peninsula, Marin, East Bay & South Bay Area of California

The Staff

Our staff is among the most highly trained in the country. But for us, personal care and attention are equally important to advanced training and certification. We take time to get to know you and your eyes, answer (and encourage) questions, and determine exactly the right procedure for your condition. Every day our team attends to patients and equipment to ensure that the procedures we perform provide a worry-free experience and result in the freedom to see clearly and naturally.

In addition to our team of surgeons, our staff includes three distinct roles: our patient education counselors, our medical engineers, and our team of doctors providing preoperative and postoperative care.

Patient Education Counselors

Our patient education counselors have extensive training and experience in the field of refractive surgery. They devote their time to patient education. They contribute to books and other widely-used patient education resources to make sure that you are satisfied with your choices.

Medical Engineers

Unlike any other facilities in the country, our team includes full-time medical engineers, a Chief Technical Officer, as well as software and hardware specialists in both laser and diagnostic equipment. The equipment is calibrated before every patient to ensure accuracy. Proprietary software tracks patient outcomes to insure precision. The Chief Technical Officer oversees the technology and is active in the development of new instruments to advance the field of vision correction surgery.

Team Of Doctors

Looking for a San Francisco laser eye surgeon you can trust? Our doctors, who are involved in your preoperative testing and postoperative care, are among the top professionals in the field. They are experts in using the most advanced diagnostic technology. They contribute to scientific research. They present and publish their data and techniques. They educate. But most importantly, they take care of you.

While some of us are lucky to have perfect vision throughout our lifetime, many are not. Impairments can be the result of problems in the way our eyes are built or in some cases, changes take place over time.

ABC News Anchor, Dr. Dean Edell reviews the exciting advances of IntraLASIK and sites Dr. Faktorovich as the first surgeon in San Francisco to perform this important procedure.

"WOW! What a wonderful experience. From the initial consultation through the completion of surgery..."

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