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PVI Research Foundation: Activities


Past projects: research to prevent blindness in hereditary retinal degenerations, mathematical analysis of refractive surgery techniques to treat astigmatism, development of new surgical techniques to enhance the safety of corneal transplantation in children, study of corneal healing following refractive surgery.

Current projects: study of safety and efficacy of advanced surgical procedures for correction of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, study of new medications and new methods of medication delivery to enhance healing and comfort after refractive and cataract surgery.


PVI Research Foundation provides opportunities to health care professionals (both from US and abroad) seeking to advance their skill and knowledge of vision correction surgery. We host the Annual Cornea, Cataract, and Refractive Surgery Symposium, Quarterly Grand Rounds, and offer one-month to one-year long fellowships to both US and foreign doctors. In the past years, the fellows from both the East and West Coast as well as Europe and Africa underwent fellowship training. Monthly eFocus newsletter updates the Bay Area doctors on the latest advances in refractive eye care.

Youth Programs

We believe in fostering the interest in health care early. PVI Research Foundation provides programs for middle and high school students, such as surgery observation, "spend-a-day-with-a-doctor" program, and research projects where children learn the scientific method of data collection and analysis and have an opportunity to do a research paper.

While some of us are lucky to have perfect vision throughout our lifetime, many are not. Impairments can be the result of problems in the way our eyes are built or in some cases, changes take place over time.

ABC News Anchor, Dr. Dean Edell reviews the exciting advances of IntraLASIK and sites Dr. Faktorovich as the first surgeon in San Francisco to perform this important procedure.

"WOW! What a wonderful experience. From the initial consultation through the completion of surgery..."

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