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Volume 29       February 12, 2013

Publication for our patients.

Love is in the air and you can tell just by looking at someone's eyes. We flirt with our eyes all the time, even if we aren't aware of it. Eye contact, such as a glance or a stare, can convey interest in someone. Of course, if you stare too long it might get the opposite reaction. Even our eyelids can flutter a little more to catch someone's attention which is made more apparent with longer eyelashes. Eye makeup is used to make eye communication more obvious by making the iris color and the sclera (the white part) stand out. All of this doesn't sound very rooted in science, but one thing does happen that is controlled by your nervous system: pupil dilation. When you are stimulated by something that excites you, you're pupils enlarge. This could be any number of things like playing your favorite sport, or seeing something frightening, or (in keeping with our theme here) seeing someone attractive to you. Try it yourself - look into the mirror really close and think of someone you find attractive (maybe it's yourself) and you might see your pupils dilate.

Look at this heart. Green and yellow don't exactly keep to the Valentine's Day color scheme. Look at again, but stare at the black dot in the middle of the heart for 30 seconds and then look at a white wall. Now that's more like it! The longer you stare at a certain color, the more the brain adapts to it. Then, when you look at the white wall, your brain suppresses that color and you see its compliment color. In this case, red and purple!

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