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Volume 28       August 13, 2012

Publication for our patients.

Olympic Double Trap and Skeet Shooter, Kim Rhode, broke the American record by winning medals in 5 consecutive Olympics in an individual event. What helps her be so successful? Hard work and great vision. In addition to seeing detail, the visual system is built to find and track moving objects. The center of the retina, called the macula, is densely packed with photoreceptors and is responsible for your most detailed vision. Moving away from the macula, the photoreceptors are less and less dense which is why you can't read with your peripheral vision. The peripheral retina is more sensitive to motion than the macula so movement draws your attention to look at an object with the macula. As the skeet is launched, the shooter finds the target due to its initial movement and the macula engages it as your tracking system, called smooth pursuits, also kicks in. Smooth pursuits are the movements your eyes make to follow a moving object. So, Kim finds the target, tracks the target, shoots the target, and wins the gold!

Holy optical illusion, Batman! As comical as the effect seems now, the 1960's Batman TV show used a camera trick to give the illusion that Batman and Robin were walking up the side of a building. A horizontal building set, wires to straighten the capes, and a little bit of "acting" were all it took for this optical illusion. The camera was rotated 90 degrees to trick the brain into thinking left and right was really up and down. This illusion was pulled off better in other movies as was seen in Fred Astaire's dance number in Royal Wedding where the whole room he was dancing in was rotating 360 degrees, but the camera was mounted on the floor of the room. This trick is still used to this day like in the movie, Inception.

The Editor-in-Chief of Cornea Journal recommends Dr. Faktorovich's textbook on the use of femtosecond lasers in all-laser IntraLASIK as "an important publication to include in ophthalmic surgeon's library.

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