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Volume 26       May 29, 2012

Publication for our patients.

Recent studies reveal massive explosion of myopia in Asian children. While the rate of myopia in young adults in the UK is about 20%, the rate of myopia in East Asian children has risen to an incredible 80% rate in just two generations. Researchers hypothesize that two factors are probably responsible - high pressure to do well in school which leads to many hours spent indoor studying and increased amount of near activities as the world becomes increasingly digital. Interestingly, spending 2 to 3 hours a day outdoors decreases the incidence of myopia, even in kids who are predisposed to it. Biochemically, exposure to light elevates the levels of dopamine in the nervous system. Dopamine is one of the factors that prevent elongation of the eyeball that causes nearsightedness. The light doesn't even have to be that bright. Even a foggy San Francisco can provide enough natural light to counteract the effect of all the up-close work kids have to do.

The late rapper Tupac Shakur made a surprise appearance at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival recently... as a hologram. To be more accurate, he wasn't exactly a hologram, which is three-dimensional, but a 2-D image. The company AV Concepts used an updated version of an old stage trick used in the 1800's. An angled mirror was used to reflect a projected image of Tupac onto a screen on stage that is invisible to the audience. An animation of Tupac was created using old performance footage to accurately recreate the rapper's movements to give the illusion that he was onstage performing with Snoop Dogg (not the Peanuts character, but another rapper if you?re not hip to the rap scene).

The next time you see a police officer in San Francisco, he or she will probably be not wearing glasses or contact lenses. For the past decade, the surgeons at PVI have been doing vision correction surgery on our city's bravest. With excellent eyesight, they keep the city safe for all of us.

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