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Volume 24       March 12, 2012

Publication for our patients.

An albino assassin is optically impossible
Movies and television often stereotype people with albinism as evil. According to the recent issue of Ophthalmology Times, a total of 68 films released from 1960 to 2006 feature an "evil albino." In "The Da Vinci Code" and "Matrix Reloaded," the albinos are portrayed as relentless assassins. In the TV series, "Spartacus," the gigantic Thocles is a violent killer. All these characters seem to be enjoying excellent vision that allows them to carry out their gruesome tasks with precision that would normally require 20/20 eyesight. Ironically, many people with albinism, especially the severe kind portrayed in the movie and TV characters, suffer from bad vision. Their poor eyesight comes from underdeveloped retina and optic nerve. They may also have rapid eye movements they can't control, called nystagmus. Many suffer from severe light sensitivity. Their visual acuity may range from 20/60 to 20/100. This means that they will definitely not be able to pass a driver's license test, let alone be hired for a job as an assassin.

Size doesn't matter, it's all a matter of perspective
In The Lord of the Rings movies, a lot of tricks were used to give the illusion that the hobbits are much smaller in size. Much of it wasn't done with computers, but with "forced perspective". In the scene where Frodo is sitting next to Gandalf on a wagon bench, it appears that Frodo is much smaller than Gandalf. However, the wagon was built with a split bench so Frodo is actually sitting four feet behind Gandalf to make him appear smaller. The proper camera angle hides this clever prop trick. Frodo was directed to look at a spot just beside him as though Gandalf were right next to him, but he was actually looking at a spot in the air behind Gandalf.

According to the recent poll, PVI is in the top 1% nationally in both the results and the number of treatments performed each month. We attribute this to our passion for great vision, our love for taking care of patients, and the trust our patients place in us when they refer their friends and family. They are in the best of hands.

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