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Volume 22       November 14, 2011

Publication for our patients.

Observe the picture on the right. Unless you are already familiar with this picture, in all likelihood it will not make sense. There are just black patches on a white background.

So the name of this is "Dalmatian dog", does this help? If not, there is a cheat image at the bottom of this issue.

Once the dog has been seen, it stays obvious - one-shot learning has taken place. This example demonstrates the amazing capability of our visual system to organise visual input into interpretable shape.

People with exceptionally good vision are sometimes called "eagle eye". But why? Normal eyes can see 20/20 at their best (with or without the need of corrective lenses), whereas, a little over 70% can achieve 20/15 if their eyes are built for it. Eagle eyes are capable of 4 times better vision than the normal human eye. That makes them 20/5! They can spot their prey several hundreds of feet away. This is due to their retina containing a much higher number of photoreceptors called cones than humans. In addition, the human eye contains a highly dense area of cones called the fovea which is responsible for the most detailed vision; eagles have 2 foveae in each eye. One for central binocular vision while looking straight ahead and another for monocular vision for sideways viewing. Eagles also have 2 sets of eyelids. One set to close while sleeping like in humans and another transparent inner eyelid for blinking away dirt and dust which is called a nictitating membrane.

If you know anyone interested in getting rid of their glasses and contacts, please send them our way. Referrals from our patients mean a lot to us. They tell us you are satisfied with the care we gave you! We will work hard to impress your friends, family, and coworkers with the same excellent care and great vision. AND you will receive an awesome bonus!

In case you could not identify the dog in the iPuzzle section, here is a helpful hint...

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