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Volume 21       October 18, 2011

Publication for our patients.

Stare at the center of the flag for 20-25 seconds, then, look at a white part of the screen or a white wall. You will see the true colors of the American Flag! Staring at the flag makes your brain adapt to the colors leaving you with an image of the complimentary colors until the effect wears off.

Halloween is around the corner and some people be inspired to watch Mel Brooks' classic "Young Frankenstein". The role of Igor is played by comedy icon, Marty Feldman. Part of his comic appeal are his eyes. Mr. Feldman didn't always have eyes like that. He developed a condition called Graves Disease which is an immune response that causes an over-action of the Thyroid Gland. This hyperthyroidism creates swelling of the extraocular muscles that are responsible for eye movement. The swelling pushes the eyes forward and outward which causes the opposite of cross-eyes,