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Other Patients/Celebrities

"My eye doctor recommended Dr.Faktorovich. In discussing my prescription and the outcomes, I felt very confident that Dr.Faktorovich was the right LASIK surgeon for me. My vision is now better than it was with contacts. Everything is in focus. It's like getting a piece of my life that I never had. When I am racing cars now, the vision is in focus. The benefits were obvious immediately after the procedure."

Keith Lively, Race Car Driver
"Dr. Faktorovich, thank you for my new vision. You and your staff are the best! You are the MVP of the industry."

Keena Turner, Four-time Super Bowl Champion, San Francisco 49ers
"Thanks for the great work on my eyes! Dr. Faktorovich you're great!"

Matt Keneley, Defensive Tackle, San Francisco 49ers
"Thank you so much for making my vision what it never would have been naturally! While contemplating it, I'm still incredulous of the results I obtained. One of my favorite moments following the surgery is awakening at night in the middle of the mountains, opening my eyes, and being able to see all the stars above clearly. Included are some pictures of me on the summit of Aconcagua, the highest peak outside of Asia (less than a year after the surgery). At the time, my lungs were having a hard time functioning, but my eyes were able to enjoy the amazing views with ease! Thanks again."

Dirk Summers, Engineer, State of California
"After wearing glasses and contacts since about the age of 8 ... I am absolutely amazed at how clear my eyesight is after the procedure. I cannot believe how much more I can see. The procedure was painless and quick and Dr.Faktorovich and her staff are excellent!"

Shirley Hayes, Radio Announcer, 103.7 KBLX FM
"What a phenomenal procedure! I can't believe I don't have to wear glasses anymore. Dr.Faktorovich made me feel very comfortable and at ease, the procedure was 100% painless - I can't fathom why I waited so long to do it. I highly recommend Pacific Vision Institute!"

Steve Markowitz, CEO, My Points
"Fantastic!!! Painless, safe, effective. What more do you want! The state-of-the-art experience at Pacific Vision Institute was very impressive. Couldn't be happier."

Jon Edwards, President, Mediapex Inc.
"Dr. Faktorovich came highly recommended to me by my doctor. After being evaluated, I felt secure in proceeding. My vision is AMAZING now! PERFECT! I can wake up in the middle of the night and in the morning and find my son. I can teach my New York City Ballet workout class at the Bay Club without worrying about contacts. We just bought a new tent with skylight on top and it is beautiful to see the stars at night. MIRACULOUS!"

Evelyn Cisneros, Former Prima Ballerina, San Francisco Ballet
"Dr. Faktorovich, thank you for making it all so easy. I never thought I could get these results."

Daryl Pollard, Two-time Super Bowl Champion, San Francisco 49ers
"I am amazed how clear my vision is the moment I wake up. It is so liberating not to have glasses or contacts slow me down when I work and play."

Daniel Melnick, Motion Picture Producer
"This was a life-changing experience! Thank you, Dr. Faktorovich! The procedure was completely without pain and the effects were incredibly immediate. I only wish I hadn't waited so long."

Robert Lawrence, Director of Programming, K101
"WOW! What a wonderful experience. From the initial consultation through the completion of surgery, Dr. Faktorovich, Diana and the entire staff were consomate proffesionals who made me feel at home. Every detail and question was covered to the point where I can honestly say ... it's been more difficult in the past to get a haircut than to have LASIK at the Pacific Vision Institute. Thank you for my new eyes and a fantastic experience."

Joe Cunningham, VP and General Manager, KISS FM
"Everyone at Pacific Vision is caring and understanding and most importantly - KNOWLEDGEABLE!!! Dr. Faktorovich is beyond capable. The extra attention given by all the staff is superb! I felt completely at-ease with the procedure thanks to the state-of-the-art, yet friendly environment at Pacific Vision Institute. I LOVE YOU GUYS!! Thanks!!"

Tra Renee, On-Air Radio Personality, 106.1 KMEL FM
David Ebersman, Chief Financial Officer, Genentech
Jenny Ming, President, Old Navy (Division of Gap,Inc)
Kent Harvey, Chief Financial Officer, PG&E

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