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    April 13, 2009

Press Release


SAN FRANCISCO, CA, APRIL 13, 2009—Pacific Vision Institute in San Francisco announced that it will offer a new intraoclular lens (IOL) named Crystalens HD™--to its patients. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave approval for the Crystalens HD on June 26, 2008.

The Crystalens HD is the fourth generation of the only FDA approved accommodating lens and offers improvement in near vision for many patients. The first generation Crystalens accommodating intraocular lens (IOL) was approved by the FDA in November 2003.

“Our patients have clearly indicated a preference for a high definition experience in vision correction. As a surgeon, I know well that a lens that simulates an accommodating action of our own young lens helps achieve that goal. The Crystalens HD will help many of our patients experience good near vision without compromising on the quality of vision at intermediate or distance,” said Dr. Ella Faktorovich, Director of Pacific Vision Institute in San Francisco, California.

The choices in vision correction have grown significantly over the past twenty years. The development of the Crystalens HD, in particular, will give many baby boomers who are experiencing presbyopia, or loss of near vision, and seniors an opportunity to see clearly at all distances while reducing or eliminating the need for glasses. The Crystalens is the only intraocular lens that simulates the natural focusing ability of the eye to accommodate in order to focus on objects that are near, far or in between.

“For patients having cataract surgery, I would want an IOL that projects a single point of focus and also provides a broad range of distance, intermediate and near vision, said Dr. Victor Chin, Director of Cataract and Lens Surgery at Pacific Vision Institute, which offers a number of vision correction options for its patients. It is important that each patient is fully informed about what to expect before, during and after a surgical procedure.

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For more information about the Crystalens HD please visit its website at www.crystalens.com. Crystalens HD is a product developed by Bausch & Lomb www.bauschsurgical.com.